Friday, October 19, 2007

Book News, In Brief

First the Goldmans called for the cancellation of OJ's book, then they went to court to obtain the rights to release it themselves, and now they're planning to help record the audio version?! I keep hoping that this is proof of some super advanced, highly insane, sick sense of humor on their part. But I doubt it.

Speaking of sick senses of humor, the GuardianUK has done the world a favor by compiling their own list of the 10 Best Books about Ventriloquism. (Insert your own nightmarish mental imagery here.)

Speaking, let's not continue to try and link everything together. That sort of thing reeks of desperation, and it never really accomplishes anything. I should know. My therapist does it to me all the time. She's like, 'Oh, so you dream about kissing men? That must mean you're thinking about kissing a man.' And I'm like, 'WTF?! The only men I want to kiss are WO-men,' you know? And then I cross my legs, because her watercolor of black stallions running across the desert always gets a reaction out of me. Anyway, that's private and it's none of your business. Speaking of 'best of' lists, has the complete list of the Top 100 Canadian Albums, from the identically named book by Bob Mersereau.

Last, but not least (nor is it in any way connected to any of today's other news items), Ironic Sans has posted a fine example of yet another stupid trend in publishing: covers that pretentiously identify a work of fiction as "A Novel."