Friday, April 20, 2007

Book Clubs - Meet the Author

As part of its monthly book club, the Guardian hosts a live discussion between the author of the book in question and UCL professor of English, John Mullan. Some of the featured writers are: Margaret Atwood, Graham Swift, and Ruth Rendell. Click here to hear the Guardian Book Club podcasts.

At the Inkwell, we run a variety of book clubs. See our website for the list of clubs, dates & times we meet, and reading selections. Betsy Doud moderates the Classics Book Club, and like the Guardian, has reached out to make her club more interactive. The club is reading A Death in the Family by James Agee for the April 25th club meeting. We will have a special guest, Deedee Agee, the daughter of the author. Betsy said, "James Agee's daughter, Deedee, has agreed to come down from Hingham to be part of our discussion of A Death in the Family. I had seen on one of the web pages that she lived in the Boston area, and just decided to contact her. She said she would be happy to be part of the discussion, and is going to read a remembrance that she herself had written about her father." What a wonderful way to enrich the reading experience!