Saturday, April 7, 2007

List Crazy: What to Read and What You've Read

I recently read So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson. It is a book of essays about her New Year's resolution to read a book a week for a year, and write a diary about her reading adventure. She started with a general list of "should reads", and found herself straying from that list almost immediately!

I love seeing book lists...what to read, what has been read, lists of favorites to pass on, etc. Check out this great blog about books. ( This particular page has lists to not only inspire your reading, but will make you want to establish your own similar lists such as a reading queue, books read over the previous years, and notable books of the forthcoming year. (The only unfortunate part of this blog is that all the book links take you directly to Amazon. As an independent bookstore owner, that pains me! Why is Amazon not perceived as direct competition to independents in the eyes of our customers? Case in point, just this week a man told me he would just get something on Amazon as though it was no big deal...everyone shops there after all, right? I think he forgot he was talking to someone behind the counter at a brick and mortar bookstore.)

I started writing mini book reviews of everything I read about 15 years ago. It's fun to look back on the path your reading forms; you can clearly see the transitions between authors and genres. You can say it with a sigh, pride, disgust, or with gratitude - so many books, so little time.