Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weekend Links

Listed below are a couple of book-centric blogs we recommend to anyone lazily browsing the web this weekend. Enjoy!

via: Cartoon Brew:
"Imagine if there was a New York Times Book Review that exclusively covered inspiring art and illustration books. Well, there is such a site and it’s called Book By Its Cover. The site has a broad focus, everything from children’s books to comics (to animation books) and hand-made books, and the selections are pure quality."

Authors On Tour Live offers podcast interviews with an impressive array of writers in both traditional download format and mp3. Their most recent interview is with Nick Bantock, author of Griffin & Sabine and Windflower. Also available are podcasts with Jim Lehrer, Les Claypool and Erik Larson.

And while we're recommending podcasts, Science Fiction fans will want to head over to Escape Pod, an impressive SF site that is currently running podcast readings of all of this year's Hugo Award nominees. (If this last tip is a bit too geeky for you to comprehend, ask Inkwell Michelle. She speaks a variety of nerd languages, including Klingon.)
The preceding tip was stolen from: Boing Boing

Use our comments section to let us know what literary sites/blogs you frequent. If you have any ideas for our weekly 'theme' days (authors, genres, etc.), feel free to write those in, too.
We'll see you bright and early Monday morning. Until then, read whatever -- just read.