Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Children Read Comics. Discerning Connoisseurs Of Highbrow Literature Only Read About Comics.

Marvel is preparing to launch an anthology comic which will feature hot 'indie' cartoonists writing and drawing short stories featuring the big M's traditional stable of superheroes. Already signed on are Paul Pope, Johnny Ryan, James Kolchalka and Michael Kupperman. Editor Aubrey Sitterson talks about the project with

Optic Nerve creator Adrian Tomine is profiled in Publisher's Weekly.

Peter Milligan, the writer of such weird and witty comics as X-Statix, Enigma and X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl, has a new series coming out in July titled The Programme. For a brief description, head over to the DC/Wildstorm website.

Over at, author Tim Callahan blogs briefly about the early work of Grant Morrison to promote his recently released book, Grant Morrison: The Early Years. Do y'all smell a sequel in the works? (Come to think of it, I smell a second sequel, as well. This one to be penned by Morrison himself, writing about the work he's yet to write but has already read while out gallivanting in his astral form.)