Thursday, September 6, 2007

Your Favorite Literary Classics, Now With 100% More Bodily Fluids!

Marquis de Sade, Hunter S. Thompson, Virginia Woolf...all of them were great literary minds who willfully ignored the accepted social and moral codes of their day in order to artistically examine and express the darker aspects of the world they lived in.

Johnny Ryan, author and illustrator of Angry Youth Comics and Comic Book Holocaust makes no such claims. He is just a filthy, funny, cantankerous motherf***er with no self-righteous excuses for the foul things he draws.

Ryan's officially licensed website is currently offering free peeks at a few of his comics. Making it marginally appropriate for inclusion on this blog is The Klassic Komix Klub, an X-rated collection of comic strips themed solely around the capital-G Great Works of Literature.

If, after clearing your hard drive of any evidence that you ever visited his site, you're curious to read an extensive interview with Mr. Ryan, head over to The Hooded Utilitarian. Then clear your hard drive all over again.