Thursday, November 15, 2007

Book News, In Brief

Surprise, surprise! Anti-war, government-critiquing books win big at The National Book Awards. Does this mean that the notoriously right-wing art world is finally expanding their horizons? What's next -- gay-themed movies winning Academy Awards? Asian chefs winning Iron Chef competitions? The times they are a-stagnant.

It's tasteless and tacky and I'm actually a little miffed that someone else beat me to it: A recent poll finds Kurt Vonnegut to be America's Best Loved Recently Deceased Author. Apparently, most folks found (find?) Mailer's work lacking in "staying power." (Keep in mind, these are the same folks who respond to such random, idiotic queries as, "Who's your favorite dead author?")

Dave Roman, editor and illustrator over at Nickelodeon Magazine, offers up a slew of tips for aspiring freelance artists. Wannabe writers and basement bloggers should also take a look. Roman's tips regarding editors, effectively marketing yourself, finding local outlets for your work, creating a memorable business card, and online self-promotion can easily be applied to your fields, as well.
(A tip of the hat to Publisher's Weekly and The Beat for the initial head-up.)