Friday, November 9, 2007

Book News, In Britain

According to recent across-the-pond polls, Harry Potter is the most re-read book (and/or series) in England. Less embarrassing is the fact that 77% of British readers revisit the books that they enjoyed the first time around. Some say that they go back to find things they might have missed the first time around, while others do so simply out of dissatisfaction with everything else coming out. (Editor's note: It's official -- new release whores are a world wide scourge.)

Via PublishingNewsUK: "Some five million mobile phone users are estimated to be using Rough Guides Mobile, the application which provides travel content through a navigable map interface, facilitating access to travel information to more than 200 cities in 33 countries. The feature is embedded on all Motorola handsets sold in Europe and is offered by Samsung through its Fun Club portal in the UK."
Needless to say, this is not helping our 'folks don't want to read books on their cell phone' argument.

The prize at the bottom of today's blog post is this photo of a handful of England's comics luminaries circa 1990. From left to right, Grant Morrison, Brendan McCarthy, Rian Hughes, Peter Hogan and Charles Shaar Murray. Pic stolen from Forbidden