Thursday, February 28, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Excited by the press coverage that Valerie Bertinelli's autobiography is receiving, publishers are announcing a whole slew of has-been tell-alls. Eminem's got one in the works (the result of his estranged mother having recently announced hers), the Olsen Twins are assembling a coffee table book (rumored to weigh more than the two of them combined), and Diablo Cody is going back to her blog for a second memoir. (Which do you think will come first in Cody's back cover bio: The fact that she won an Oscar for writing Juno, or that she once slummed it as a stripper for MySpace material?)

Ah, those crazy Nazis. Does their hatred know no bounds? From The Telegraph UK: "A rare book of Nazi propaganda which lists legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin as a 'pseudo-Jew' will go under the hammer next month. The black book, Juden Sehen Dich An (The Jews are Watching You), is one of the most notorious works of anti-Semitic propaganda, listing Jewish figures throughout the world, including Albert Einstein." Chaplin and Einstein? Egads. Didn't Spielberg (Jew!) once say that they were the chief influences for E.T.'s design? How can anyone possibly hate E.T.?

We just keep kicking the Canadians' asses, don't we? Not only do we have more gun related crimes, more expensive health care, and more regular readers than they do, we now have more adult content manga! Via The Comics Reporter: "Canada's Border Services Agency has made public its latest ruling on what adult-themed comics and anime can and cannot pass into their country. Denied are a number of books from publishers like Eros Comix and Icarus." We're number one! We're number one!