Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Perry Bible Fellowship Is Closing Its Doors...For a While, Anyway

Nicholas Gurewitch has just announced that he's retiring his Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip. Sort of. "It's really not as big a deal as it might seem," Nicholas said today. "I'll simply be producing comics at a pace I'm more comfortable with."
For now 25-year-old Nicholas plans to live off proceeds from his recent collection, and prints of the strip. "His book did really, really well through Amazon," said Dark Horse's Krystin Overstreet, and the book actually pre-sold more than 27,000 copies before its official release date in November. But Nicholas says he's looking forward to "dedicating my thoughts to new books, scripts, movies, or whatever else comes my way."

Damn. This was one funny comic strip. If you're not familiar with Gurewitch's work, check out his website. He's got dozens of strips posted.