Friday, April 4, 2008

Political Book News, In Brief

What does it mean for Obama when anti-Hilary books are hitting the bargain bins? Is this a sign that the public loves her, or that even the haters have grown bored with bashing the broad?

Most folks outside of Massachusetts won't care, but our state's first Black Governor, Deval Patrick, has just signed a deal with Broadway Books worth $1.35 million. It's for a memoir to be published in 2010.

The Huffington Post has an excerpt from Jesse Ventura's new book, Don't Start the Revolution Without Me! In it, Ventura quotes Bush dissing him (calling Ventura's wife "the most patient woman in America"), and him dissing Bush ("he's not a man of his word"). This might just be the most even-handed political book out there.
(Initial heads-up: Publisher's Weekly)

The Pork Book -- it's like a Guinness Book of World's Records for politicians' fiscal crimes! From Las Vegas Now: A congressional watchdog group released its annual pig book Wednesday. It details pork projects -- those projects listed as extravagant that members of Congress get for their home states paid with your tax dollars. Citizens against government waste revealed more than 11,000 earmarks for specific Congress members' home states, totaling more than $17 billion in alleged pork.