Thursday, June 5, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Tikatok, an online children's book community, has announced that ten year old author Adora Svitak will join their new Children's Advisory Board. This is either a desperate attempt to grab headlines, or that Svitak chick is a helluva lot smarter than the ten year olds gnawing on the Bone books in our store.

On the other end of the 'Aw, isn't that cute?' spectrum, ninety one year old author Michael P. Verticchio is profiled in the Herald & Review. Verticchio is notable for his new book Family Love, and for the fact that he hadn't published anything until four years ago. I bet he hates kids like Adora Svitak.

Via The GuardianUK: Devil May Care, the new James Bond novel by Sebastian Faulks, has become Penguin UK's fastest selling hardback fiction title ever, with 44,093 copies sold in the four days. Does this mean that we'll all be dressing up as super agents for the midnight release of Faulks' inevitable follow up? I'd finally perfected my Hermione drag act, and now I've gotta come up with a Ms. Moneypenny routine?! Sheesh.

Media Bistro asked LA Times editor Russ Stanton: How many years will it be until there is no print edition of the L.A. Times? Stanton replied: One hundred twenty-six [laughs]. But, you know, somebody, somewhere soon is going to throw in the towel on print. For us, I think that for now, our core base of readers are the baby boomers, and I think that we've got at least another 35-year run in print.
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