Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Re: Race & Class

A janitor at Purdue University was observed reading a book about a 1924 riot between Notre Dame students and the KKK. The University charged him with racial harassment, likening it to reading porn at work(?!). Assorted civil liberties groups took up the cause, quoting from that pesky 'free speech' thingamabob, and now, almost a year later, the University has apologized...but only after making it clear to EVERYONE that they are committed to free speech.

Except where history books about unlikable hate groups are concerned.

Oh, and where porn is concerned.

But every other type of free speech? They're totally cool with those.

Quick side thought: Had it been a student at Purdue who was seen reading this book, it would've been no big thing. Students are intellectuals, naturally curious about matters of history and/or social unrest. But a janitor? Well, he had to be an ignorant racist.

That's class!

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