Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watching The Watchmen Reviews

Ever since that Watchmen trailer first appeared, a whole new flock of readers has been rushing to read the comics masterpiece -- so much so that DC recently announced a 900,000 copy re-printing. But what do all of these new readers think? Is it love at first page, a slow-building appreciation, or a begrudgingly afforded respect given only so as to not seem stupid? Let's round-up the recent reviews and see, shall we?

Precisely the kind of comics review I hate: the kind that starts out proudly proclaiming, "I normally don't read comics..."
Oh look, here's another one: "First off, I am not by nature a comic book guy."
And another, this one super pretentious: "I’ve never been a comic book reader, preferring the printed word to pictures on a page, the longer and more intricate the novel, the better."
Ah, finally. A review I actually like...a lot: "These aren't emo Batmen, they're Tony Sopranos and Seth Bullocks, idiosyncratic and troubling portraits of great physical strength and moral violence juxtaposed against tremendous emotional and psychological weakness."
And more:
"I now understand what all the hype was about."
"I embarrassingly bought Watchmen after I saw Dark Knight due to the trailer."
Powell's likes it
"It was the hype itself that made me originally reject it."
"thoroughly engrossing"

A collection of "scathing reviews" (and a real time saver for me!)
"Ending somewhat disappointing and boring."

Mildly Impressed:
"So yeah, the comic was alright."
"Not bad but not 'incredible' either."

Wow, if only the majority of mankind agreed with me about everything...