Thursday, October 23, 2008

Book News, In Brief

The publishing world gasps as the inevitable occurs: The internet drives book sales in China.

A new study shows that the Teen Lit sales boom is not the product of page-turning pubescents, but of Forever 21-shopping adults who wish every night was prom night.

Libraries, worried that they're becoming nothing more than a pit stop for stingy internet users and DVD borrowers, are preparing to try something drastic. They're going to stock the books that people actually want to read. Via The NYTimes: Urban Fiction Goes From Streets to Public Libraries

Speaking of libraries, have you heard about the librarian who was fined $500 for promoting a Shakespeare comic book that his daughter did? S'true. Via Robert Grandt was forced to admit he violated the city's ethics code when he placed copies of his daughter's book on a library display table at Brooklyn Technical High School and recommended it in a newsletter. Silly librarian. You need to quit that public service job and join one of the many branches of the publishing industry. Nepotism is de rigeur here!