Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday's Tip for Flailing Writers:
A Story Idea -- Ripped From Today's Headlines!

News item, care of the AP:
ATLANTA – A judge has ordered Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter to resume documenting her mother's personal papers, which are at the center of a family feud among the civil rights icon's surviving children.
Bernice King and brother Martin Luther King III again faced off in court Friday against another brother, Dexter King.
Dexter, CEO of King Inc., wants a judge to order Bernice, the administrator of her mother's estate, to turn over personal papers, including intimate letters between Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King Jr.
The documents were part of a $1.4 million book deal with Penguin Group for a memoir about the civil rights matriarch, but that deal fell though earlier this month after the family missed a deadline from the New York-based publisher to turn the documents over. It is unclear now whether the documents can or will be used for any future such deals.

Story Idea:
Title: Little Women Bitches
Plot: Set in New England Atlanta during the Civil War fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement, the novel follows the adventures of the March sisters King siblings as they struggle to pursue their dreams the publishing rights to their deceased dad's dream.