Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All Work And No Play...

Artist and self-described "big fan of Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King," Phil Buehler, has self-published an 80-page version of the book which novelist Jack Torrance obsessively writes during King's The Shining.

From The Guardian UK: "The idea has probably been marinating for years, because I loved the movie and the Stephen King book," said Buehler. "I'd just finished my own obsessive art project [and] it was an idea I had over the Christmas holidays."

He said he decided to stick to type and formatting that could have been created on a typewriter, with the first ten pages duplicating shots of Torrance's work from the film. "I thought 'if he continues to get crazier, what would those pages look like?'" he said. "I hit writer's block about 60 pages in, and I had to get to 80 - that went on for about a week." His fiancée, who had neither read the book nor seen the film, became a little concerned about his actions. "I finally showed her the movie, and she realised I wasn't really losing it," said Buehler.

To read the Guardian UK's article in its entirety, click here.