Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book News...Culled From Elsewhere

The following two bits of political book news were nicked from Publisher's Weekly:

Bush's 'Black friend,' Condoleezza Rice, will spend the next few years writing books, giving speeches, and establishing herself as a least the William Morris Agency hopes so.

Ann Coulter, beware! Your biggest competition for the hearts and bile of right-wing housewives is about to muscle in on your book sales. Sarah Palin has hired superstar attorney Robert Barnett to broker her a book deal.

These next two manga news bits come courtesy of Journalista!:

Tomoko Ninomiya, the creator of one of Inkwell Michelle's favorite comics, Nodame Cantabile, has been sidelined by carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Hooded Utilitarian's continuing series, Manga: What IS the point? hits the nail on the head with part four: The Point of Manga is...To Cocoon.

These last two bits of poetry news come care of The Guardian UK:

American poet Jay Parini says Obama's inaugural address showed a master of "common speech heightened" at work. Translation for we simpletons: Parini thinks our 44th president is a poet.

On the flip side, Carol Rumens found Elizabeth Alexander's inaugural poem to be 'way too prosey,' and says, 'it fell flat.' This, only a day after Alexander's publisher announced a 100,000 copy print run of Praise Song for the Day: A Poem for Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration. Ouch.