Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comic Book News & Links

The Free Comic Book Day website has posted their list of the 45 titles to be given away on May 2nd. Collect them all! (Then sell 'em on ebay!)

Related: Fantagraphics has leaked a Jaime Hernandez pencil sketch from the limited edition Love & Rockets comic being given out on Free Comic Book Day. (NSFW if your work doesn't like the word, 'f**ker.')

The Comics Reporter offers 10 Ways to Read Watchmen, a useful way to fake your long-term appreciation and/or advanced critical understanding of the comic while waiting in line at the movie theater.

Typical corporate comics crap: Thanks to The Brave And The Bold cartoon, the new Blue Beetle has become a hit with kids. So what does DC Comics do to capitalize on this? They cancel the character's book! Memorial services are being held at The Comic Book Junction.

With manga giant Kodansha posting a loss of $81.2 million for 2008 and VIZ Media announcing their 'sketchy' plans to 'restructure,' David Welsh's list of 11 Manga to Make You Laugh couldn't come at a better time.
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