Friday, May 22, 2009

Los Feliz' Best Bookstore: Skylight Books

Located in the heart of Los Feliz, CA, Skylight Books is the indie bookstore all other indie bookstores oughta look to for innovative inspiration. The layout is slightly off-center yet easy to navigate. The staff is helpful, but not intrusive. Endcap displays feature quirky themes and unexpected pairings. Author appearances are staged in such a way that they feel like exciting events rather than stuffy sales pitches. Most importantly, Skylight is stocked to the ceiling beams with books -- great books -- the sort of selection that can only be curated by a staff of rabid readers.
The only reason I can think of to hate them? Jealousy. In this crappy financial climate, they're doing so well that they recently opened a second store (next door) featuring a mouth-watering array of comics, art books and magazines.

To visit their blog, click here.