Friday, June 5, 2009

Book News, In Brief

David Sedaris is coming to Boston, and tickets are now on sale ridiculously expensive. $532 gets you a seat in the orchestra section, while $304 gets you one in the nosebleeds.

Remember Tuesday's post about the 7 Types of Bookstore Customer? Well, the author of that hilarious bit of bitter truth is back with more: 6 Ways To Capitalize On The 7 types.

Two fun links from Super Punch: The first is a cover so rad I couldn't wait until the next 'Cover Art' collection was assembled to share it with you; the second is a Garbage Pail Kids re-interpretation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman characters.

And we thought we had a generous Readers' Reward program: A Delaware school district gave 131 students $10 gift certificates and a limousine ride to Borders as a reward for reading 1000 books each. This is the sixth year that the Christina School District PTA has held this contest. For the whole story, click here.

I've gotta tell you, when I read articles about therapists using their patients' stories as "inspiration" for screenplays, novels and short stories, it doesn't make me want to delve too deeply at my next session. (Still, I guess it's better than finding out that your massage therapist has written a one act play about the time you refused to roll over onto your back and when you finally did, the towel fell away, and then she started to laugh and you started to cry and...and...and I think I need to call my therapist. Have a great weekend, y'all!)

Special Weekend Bonus: Free book links!
The following websites are giving away books. All's you have to do is ask.
800 CEO Read