Monday, June 29, 2009

Book News, In Brief

Here's a disingenuous way to keep old books current -- by re-editing and re-releasing them ad infinitum. Lord knows it's worked for the Bible all these years.

To quote the bookavore, "This look at real numbers for another bookstore is rare and fascinating, esp as it's Politics & Prose." Click here to read The Washington Post's profile of Politics & Prose Bookstore & Coffeehouse.

Happy birthday, Aaron's Books! Those of you who have never been to Lancaster County's premier indie should head on over to their blog, where they've posted a photo-heavy post highlighting the ups and downs of their five year expansion and evolution.

Fresh off his Oprah apology, James Frey is ready to release two YA novels -- one of which is the proposed first volume of a six book series. While no one would doubt Frey's hyperactive imagination, I can't help but wonder if this is a waste of his twisted genius. I mean, I really liked A Million Little Pieces. Why not write a sequel to that? You know it'd garner hella headlines...

Thursday's Guardian UK reviewed online, automated book recommendations, attacking the whack (LibraryThing picks Jane Austen novels for folks enjoying Ray Bradbury books) and commending the competent (The evil A points Bradbury fans toward Alan Moore), before ending with a question that made the whole article moot: When you've finished a book, do you really want to read something similar?