Monday, August 31, 2009

Book News, In Brief

A delightful time-waster for a busy Monday: Fictional Characters who Tweet

Star Trek fans will soon be seeing a lot more of LeVar Burton at SF conventions, as The Reading Rainbow is no more.

ReadWriteWeb proclaims, Amazon, Open Your eBooks...or Watch Out! The reasons oughta be obvious, but if you're a luddite (...or corporate record label exec) (...or Jeff Bezos) you may want to read their reasoning.

Why don't more Black boys read? This is a question that sociologists and educators have been asking for years, yet for some reason, the publishing industry has pretty much ignored. CatalystChicago wonders, could this be the problem? Via.

The Daily Mail has crowned Somerset Maugham "the first superstar novelist" and "the most debauched man of the 20th century." You know what he needs now? A badass nickname. 'Somerset' just doesn't do the debauchery justice. Via.