Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Book News, In Brief

The Guardian UK imitates the impotent ire of indie British booksellers, b*tches about How Waterstone's Killed Bookselling.

Holy crap. Bookstore employees have rights? And they stand up for them? Publicly? And in the press? Wait, why wasn't I told about this?

Mr. Rogers was an inspiration to countless puppet-loving, trolley obsessed, postman-fetishizing kids. So why the hell are they defaming his memory with this stomach-churning statue?

Admission time: Do you want to know the reason I started dedicating Tuesday's posts to writing links and Thursday's to adaptation news? So I could break up the days between Sarah Palin posts. That said, it's been almost 24 hours. Here's the "leaked" details of Palin's "roguish book tour."

Crain reports that Amazon flew out "a dozen of New York's top literary agents" last week. The point of this powwow? To reassure the agents that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is "not trying to destroy publishing as we know it." Check your favorite agents' Twitter feeds to see if they were part of this whorish pilgrimage.