Friday, December 4, 2009

Bookish Tweets by Our Bookish Peeps

(Or: Bleary-eyed blogger lists lit links from The Inkwell's Twitter feed, tries to pass it off as Book News.)

@AbeBooks: Discover what book was in Tiger's car when he crashed

@LOGICOMIX: The results of Slate's "write like Sarah Palin" contest are in.

@BloomsburyPress: Whew. Plenty of women in NYTBR top 10 of 09 list.

@sarahw: CJ Box on the ten crime novelists who are the best tour guides for their respective cities

@VillageBksBham: Have a few $1,000 around the house that you'd like to spend on Cormac McCarthy's typewriter?

@carleenbrice: Author Erica Kennedy on bitches, books, female ambition, Sasha Fierce, & what's wrong w/publishing.

Note: All of the super cute, lit-themed, Twitter avatars used above (and many more!) are available free of charge on Adam 'The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats' Koford's Flickr page.