Monday, April 30, 2007

Tony Millionaire: Rising Star Splayed Out In The Gutter

Adventures Underground interviews cartoonist Tony Millionaire, one of the crassest, funniest, most talented gentlemen working in comics today. You may already know Millionaire from his Sock Monkey comic book or his world famous Maakies newspaper strip, but those aren't what we're here to promote right now, so stop patting yourself on the back, brainiac. Millionaire has a new 'graphic novel' out, Billy Hazelnuts. Click the aforementioned interview link for more info and an encapsulated description from the artist himself, or skip the sleazy sales pitch and click this link to read the first seven pages for yourself.
Oh, and The Inkwell has plenty of copies of Billy Hazelnuts in stock, so just go ahead and ignore those 'order direct' links found at the bottom of the Adventures Underground page. They're an internet business, and probably multi-gazillionaires ever since the dot-com boom of the 90's. We're an independent bookstore, the woe-is-me business of the 00's.