Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hobotaku, Part Two

Remember a couple of days ago when we posted that bit about the 'Hobotaku' -- the manga reading kids that camp themselves out in the aisles of bookstores, reading the new volumes of Fruits Basket and The Drifting Classroom without any intention of buying them or awareness that they might possibly be getting in the way of others? Well, here's a semi-related story without any of the easy humor attached: In Japan, approximately 75% of the patrons at overnight manga and internet cafes are using it as an alternative to a home or hotel! While many are homeless (though employed), others simply cannot make it home every night due to long hours, and so spend Mondays through Thursdays camped out there, only getting to sleep in their own beds Friday-Sunday.
Read all about it...here.
via: the comics reporter