Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Library Thing - You Are What You Read

Karen, a member of my book club, was recently enthusing about The Library Thing. Anyone who loves books, and feels a measure of pride when they look at their own collection of books will immediately adore the usefulness of this online catalog of your personal library.

"LibraryThing appears poised to turn the cataloging of books into a form of communal recreation."
- Christian Science Monitor

What exactly is The Library Thing and how much does it cost?
"Library Thing is an online service to help people catalog their books easily. You can access your catalog from anywhere—even on your mobile phone. Because everyone catalogs together, LibraryThing also connects people with the same books, comes up with suggestions for what to read next, and so forth. A free account allows you to catalog up to 200 books. A paid account allows you to catalog any number of books. Paid personal accounts cost $10 for a year or $25 for a lifetime."

There are additional features to the program. It's cool to use the book suggester/unsuggester. You simply enter a book title, and up pops a screen of how many people also have that book in their library, what other similar titles they own, books with similar tags, and additional reading suggestions. It's addictive!