Monday, May 21, 2007

My Editor Used To Say That She Wished She Could Take A Pair Of Scissors To My Work. Could This Have Been What She Was Referring To?

From Boing Boing, via IZ Reloaded:

"Minnesota photographer Thomas Allen cuts illustrations from the covers and interior pages of pulp novels and kids' books, turns them into 3D scenes and photographs them. As a director would stage actors, Allen stages his cut-outs in ways that create humor, tension, mystery, and drama. A boxer fights his own shadow in Spar, and in Bookend a gunfighter stands over his recently fallen opponent. Although the characters are freed from the closed pages of books, the books themselves still remain present in each photograph. A ship sails across the curved pages of a dictionary-sized book in Swell. In Cover, a gunman finds safety behind the spine of a book, and in Recover, a worn paperback acts as a life raft to three weathered shipwreck survivors."

The mind reels at what this guy could accomplish with my older brother's collection of girlie magazines...

To check out a cool slideshow of some more of Allen's work, click here.