Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Generically Titled Collection Of Randomly Assorted Links

It took seven books, but they've finally found a negative aspect to the Harry Potter phenomenon. Psst, I've got a second one: adults who read one children's book every two years and then consider themselves 'readers.' (via Reuters)

Stephen King cheats on Entertainment Weekly with a flashier periodical. Do we tell EW, or just keep our noses out of it? (via AP)

Baby Got Books reads Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment in 241 e-mail snippets via the DayLit public domain literature service. He complains quite a bit about the experience, but is that because of the current limitations of e-books, or it the simply the cranky after-effects of reading depressing Russian literature?

Is Salma Hayek the flesh and blood incarnation of Gilbert Hernandez' Palomar characters? As a randy child, I confess to having enjoyed both equally. (via Bookslut)