Thursday, October 4, 2007

Book News, In Brief

Via GuardianUK: "(Poet) Sean O'Brien has pulled off an unprecedented third victory in the Forward prize, taking this year's £10,000 prize for best collection with The Drowned Book." O'Brien says that it's not the awards that drive him, though. It's the groupies. The groupies and the coke.

Sheer silliness: The folks at BeaucoupKevin have taken still images from the goofy old Adam West Batman television show and captioned them with hard-boiled narration from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. The result is hilarious...for geeks.

The Washington Post's online outpost has just launched a podcast series titled The Book World Podcast. So far, their 'Book World' has a podcast population of two: one with Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Edward P. Jones and Robert Draper, the author of Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush, the other with Jeffrey Toobin, a writer for the New Yorker and author of The Nine, and Paul Theroux, author of a new book of novellas, The Elephanta Suite. Registration is required.