Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Stephen King reviews the Kindle for Entertainment Weekly. He likes it, but doesn't believe that it will replace traditional books. (For those of you keeping score -- Brick and mortar booksellers: appeased. similarly appeased. And that, folks, is why King could have been a high ranking politician had he not found contentment as an internationally known, bestselling, millionaire author.)

Nabokov's son has come forward with a manuscript that his father never quite finished, one that Nabokov Sr. specifically asked to be destroyed should he die before its completion. The moral conundrum: Do we respect the artist's last wishes, or treat the world to what might be the makings of a literary masterpiece? Kathryn Hughes mulls it over.

The credibility of Ishmael Beah's memoir A Long Way Gone is about to get smashed into A Million Little Pieces. According to The Guardian UK, "Beah was 15 (years old) and not 13 when he was recruited into the army and that he therefore served only a few months as a child soldier and not two years as he has claimed in the book." Oh, and Oprah has had Beah on her show, so expect the proverbial 'second shoe' to fall shortly.

PR-Inside lists nine bookstores worth taking a vacation to visit. No, our store is not on there. If it was, this would've been given its own post (or at least an accompanying photo).