Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big News for Browncoats

Firefly (the Joss Whedon sci-fi show canceled due to limited viewership that was then be brought back for a feature film because of that same limited viewership's outspoken internet presence) has a tie in novel, and the author, Steven Brust, has just posted the entire thing online for free.
While Firefly's faithful fans, the Browncoats, see this book as proof that their beloved series will soon be attaining the cult status of, say, Star Trek, the fact that no one in my immediate vicinity can even name one character or catch phrase from the series makes me think that it still has a long ways to go. Until then, may the Browncoats bask in the light of their new bible, the Dr. Phil-ishly titled, My Own Kind of Freedom.

To download this epic tome, click here.

(Editor's Note: By referring to My Own Kind of Freedom as though it were the first novel to expand the Firefly mythology, we were in no way trying to invalidate the reams of poorly edited, semi-pornographic Firefly fanfic currently floating around the internet.)

Initial heads up: IO9