Monday, February 4, 2008

Comic Book News, In Brief

This is one of those news items that only older comics nerds will give a damn about, but believe me when I say that those older fans will give a damn. DC Comics has announced the return of Ambush Bug, with story and art by the character's creator, Keith Giffen.

Over at, they've been hosting a week long Criminal-fest that I only just caught wind of. Late last week they put up the first issues of the first two stories, Coward and Lawless. Then, on Friday, they posted a chat between Daredevil artist Michael Lark and Criminal artist Sean Phillips. And now today, "an exclusive video surprise" from Ed Brubaker, the book's writer. Criminal is one of best crime comics out, so a glimpse into these guys' working process is a real treat.

NPR continues to mine the indie comics A-list, this time with an audio interview with Adrian Tomine. I'd gotten a bit bored with Tomine's work, but his most recent nerdy-Asian-boy-meets-beautiful-hipster storyline/graphic novel, Shortcomings, is a good reminder of what he's capable of.