Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And Today's Fruadulent Writer Is...
Margaret Seltzer!

This white, affluent, liberal activist admitted Monday that her critically acclaimed "autobiography", Love and Consequences, was a crock of sh*t. The book, a tale of a half-Native American foster child growing up selling drugs among the gangbangers of South Central Los Angeles, was, according to Seltzer's biological mother, all a mistake.
"I think she got caught up in the facts of the story she was trying to write," Gay Seltzer said. "She's always been an activist and she tried to draw on the immediacy of the situation and became caught up in the persona of the narrator. She's very sorry and very upset."
Oh, is that right? Then it's all good. And kudos to Seltzer's publishers at Riverhead Books. They managed to weed out all of her typos, but not the fact that she was a private school-educated rich girl. Is there a reason why no one fact checks the memoirs they're peddling?