Thursday, March 6, 2008

Religious Book News, In Disbelief

Inspired by 2007's record breaking run of Atheism-centered bestsellers, members of the believing team are coming out with hard cover counter arguments of their own. My advice: turn the other cheek, guys. After all, your book is still the #1 bestseller of all time.

Godless liberals take note: Tony Perkins and Bishop Harry Jackson's Personal Faith, Public Policy argues that the Religious Right isn't dead, it's just "splintering." (Insert wooden crucifix joke here.) Until someone reunites Davey & Goliath for one last show, though, I ain't buying it.

Keery Shook, the senior pastor of Fellowship of The Woodlands, has just published One Month To Live, a self-help book which seeks to inspire its readers by asking the well-worn cliché: 'What would you do if you only had one month to live?' Me, personally? I'd stop brushing my teeth, have lots of unprotected sex, rob a bank just for the hell of it, do all of the drugs I was too scared to do when I thought I had, say, two months to live...basically anything besides sit and read your book, Shook.