Friday, March 21, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Let's just go ahead and get this out of the way: Borders is up for sale and Barnes & Noble may be buying. In related news, Market Watch has run one of those cliched 'It's the end of an era for bookstores' pieces, only to reveal themselves as know-nothing idiots by using the words "immortalized" and "the film You've Got Mail" in the same sentence.

Moving right along, The NYTimes has 'raped my childhood' (or some such nonsense), by taking my comic book convention peers and remaking them into models for 'geek chic' (or some such nonsense). How Paul Pope missed this opportunity to preen and look pretty is beyond me.

According to Reuters, the new prequel to Anne of Green Gables is stirring up quite a debate. If by debate they mean that the author of the book has said "I am still vaguely troubled by the idea that L.M. Montgomery would perhaps not want this done," then yeah, there's debate. Otherwise, this is just a press release in a funny nose and glasses.

Via AP: A gossipy book by two ex-concierges at Chicago's Four Seasons Hotel has been pulled because the authors were legally banned from writing about their experiences. Tip: Anyone interested in getting the lowdown on their local hotel need only buy a black light. The true life stories of sex, drugs and violence are all right there on the rarely washed bedspreads.