Sunday, March 9, 2008

2 New Disney Books

New release!
Working with Walt: Interviews with Disney Artists by Don Peri
Fans of Didier Ghez' Walt's People series will be interested in this similar collection of conversations with many of Disney's main artists, designers and directors.
From the review:
Collected together, these interviews begin to resemble a puzzle. And each conversation, as Herb Ryman states in his interview, is a little part of the puzzle, the jigsaw puzzle, that goes into the portrait of Walt Disney. Through these voices, Peri preserves views of the Disney magic from those who worked closely with him. Working with Walt provides absorbing, informed accounts of Walt Disney, as told by people who knew and worked with him closely.

New Release!
Consuming Innocence by Dr Karen Brooks
From the review:
Disney is continuing its tradition of being G-rated entertainment's biggest mother flickers. Ever since Bambi's mum hit the clover in 1942, Disney, in particular, has been giving mothers the flick from their scripts, even if they existed in the source material. The move provides an adversity in the plot for the central (young) character. Mother characters, by nature, elicit too much strength. By being there as the one to run to when things go wrong they steal the thunder. Much easier to kill them off - the earlier the better - and let the audience concentrate on the child. And it works. Over and over again. From Bambi to Snow White, Tarzan to Pixar's Finding Nemo, Herbie Fully Loaded to the current, classically formulated Hannah Montana - Miley Stewart's "mom" died when she was only a few years old (Brooke Shields played her in a dream sequence) - the mother flicking flourishes...Brooks says in her book it is the fathers who clearly benefit from Disney's matricidal tendencies. "Patriarchy replaces, oppresses and even elides matriarchy in the Disney galaxy," Brooks says. "And we have to begin to consider what this teaches our kids - particularly about family and women's roles."