Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 5 Margaret Seltzer Related Posts
(that I haven't already referenced or pillaged)

5. Brother/Sisterhood, the gang-outreach foundation that Seltzer was reported to have started? Fake, too.

4. Seltzer's editor, Sarah McGrath, has a weak bullsh*t detector. According to this Mediabistro piece, she'd purchased another fake memoir for publication in 2006.

3. Inspired by Seltzer, YesWeekly lists the ten best fake memoirs, while the NYTimes makes a family tree of recent literary fakers. Homegirl made both lists.

2. Over at the Huffington Post, Linda Keenan welcomes Seltzer "back to whitey-town," and offers a seven step re-acclimation plan. Effing surreal.

And now, the #1 Margaret Seltzer related post that I hadn't already referenced or pillaged is:

Undercover Black Man takes writer Inga Muscio ("a far-left feminist, a self-styled 'anti-racist' and an atrocious writer") to task for lapping up Seltzer's stories and then quoting them in her own work. Excerpts are included, and the comments section is just as good.
Bonus: U.B.M. vs. Musico...on Musico's blog!