Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Book News, In Brief

The pointless debate is over. Nabokov's son is going ahead with his plans to publish pop's unfinished book, despite pop's deathbed pleas to the contrary. According to Junior, Senior's ghost appeared before him and said, "You’re stuck in a right old mess. Just go ahead and publish." No, seriously -- this is what the jerk claims happened.

I swear to God, those folks saying that the media is controlled by liberals aren't seeing the same press releases that I am. Via Reuters: Americans are among the world's most 'Bible-literate' people...the poll...also showed Americans were most willing to donate money to spread the message of the Bible. This follows last month's headline that the Bible is America's favorite book. Yeah, right. May lightning strike them down.

A St. Mary's, PA book club has just finished its 800th book -- after 48 years of regular meetings. These avid reading spring chickens find Cormac McCarthy to be the "most fascinating new writer that (they've) read in a long time," and once, when a book order was delayed, they held a meeting discussing an issue of MAD magazine. Truth be told, they sound better than most of the book clubs I've been to.