Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Prince is putting out a picture book. Ten years ago, when he was still singing his sex jams and performing in buttless pants, this would have thrilled me. Now that he's all religious, though? Eh, whatever. (The Inkwell's bookie adds: Smart money says the cover will be purple.)

I used to work with a fella who claimed that he could only write from this one chair in his living room. Sounds like this guy suffers from a similar affliction. Via Yahoo: A South Los Angeles gang member who wrote a critically praised autobiography behind bars has been sentenced to six years in state prison for a 2006 carjacking. Kody "Monster" Scott, who also goes by the name Sanyika Sakura, was in prison when he wrote Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member.

Critically acclaimed comics critic, Douglas Wolk, has written a two page article reviewing this past Saturday's Free Comic Book Day comic books. It's a great way to find out which comics you should have scooped up for nothing, but now have to pay $5-10 for on ebay. Suckers.

Kerry Lengel from The Arizona Republic has good news and bad news for aspiring authors. Via The Carroll Country Times: Contrary to the apocalyptic prognostications of digital doomsayers, books aren't going the way of the dinosaur quite yet. But for would-be Hemingways hoping to make their fame and fortune on the best-seller lists, the publishing business is looking more like the world's biggest casino: A few lucky souls hit the jackpot and the rest are out of luck.
For the names of those lucky few receiving this year's multi-million dollar book deals, click the link above.