Thursday, May 15, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Happy 100th birthday, Wind in the Willows. The Orlando Sentinel has a hyperbolic tribute to you.

Great news for geeks (like me), acid fiends (er...guilty) and hippie dippie starchildren (no, not at all). Not only will HarperCollins be releasing Arthur C Clarke's final book, The Last Theorum, later this year, they also plan to re-launch their entire line of Clarke books.
Correction, Via Michael:
Harper Collins UK is doing the final Clarke book over there, but Random House/Del Rey is doing the book in the US.

Everybody loves a list -- even the members of America's corporate cabal! Here's a link to The Top 25 Books Corporate America Is Reading, and a second link to a press release offering shout-outs to Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs, the only women's business book to make the list.

Comics creator Elizabeth Genco (Blue) asked a number of the leading indie comic book shop owners for tips on how to get a self-published work put into their stores. The answers that she was given (Avoid: Bad design both from a visual standpoint and a financial one: an unreadable spine, an unattractive cover or a cover that doesn’t reflect the interiors in some way, a title or price that’s impossible to find. You need to have: An ISBN on there.) can applied to all self-published endeavors. (A tip of the hat to The Beat for the initial heads-up.)