Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Book News, In Brief

(Adjective) birthday, Mad Libs! You're 50 (plural noun) old!

Angry Little House fans take switch to HarperCollins over updated cover art; bonnets suspiciously missing, covered wagons nowhere to be found.

Either the bookstore was amazing, or the author is O.C.D.
Via East Bay Express: Bob Calhoun, aka Count Dante (author of the self-described "punk/wrestling tell-all" Beer, Blood, and Cornmeal), will still present his scheduled booksigning at Cody's tonight, even though the store has been closed since June 20.

The publishing industry wants Dave Eggers to be more like Mary Higgens Clark.
The details, from The San Diego Union Tribune: In an age when reading for pleasure is declining, book publishers increasingly are counting on their biggest moneymaking writers to crank out books at a rate of at least one a year, right on schedule, and sometimes faster than that. Many top-selling writers, such as John Grisham and Mary Higgins Clark, have turned out at least one book annually for years. Now some writers are beginning to grumble about the pressure, and some are refusing to comply.