Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Book News, In Brief

It's Independent Booksellers England. In America, it's business as usual.

Barbara Walters has refused to read the sex stuff on the audio version of her autobiography. On behalf on weak stomachs and sensitive ears everywhere, allow me to scream, THANK YOU BARBARA! No one wanted to hear you lisp your way through your affairs in the Lincoln bedroom (with Abe Lincoln) anyway.

Anytime a blogger wants to bash The Behemoth, I'm willing to toss 'em a link. But when The Los Angeles Times takes on (and its controversial Kindle with the unreleased sales figures), I've gotta add a 'Hallelujah!'
So, um...Hallelujah!
Update: Seeking Alpha also put out an article yesterday calling into question Bezos' e-book hype: Amazon's Kindle Numbers: All Fluff, Zero Substance.

Indiana court protects porn peddling, via PW:
The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression took a victory yesterday when a federal judge dismissed an Indiana law requiring retailers to register "sexually explicit" material with the state.
This is a victory for free speech, and a blowjob to the traditionally uptight state of Indiana. Lest they forget, one can't spell Hoosier without the 'Ho.'