Friday, July 25, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Everybody's having a Breaking Dawn midnight release party (including us), but no one knows how many people are actually gonna show up. Not even the bookstore where Stephenie Meyer does routine signings.

Here's a cool link care of Rare Book News: The 25 Most Modern Libraries. So what makes a library modern? Among other things: cutting edge architecture; open areas; online resources; and, at the Malmo City Library, "the ability to check out a person for a 45-minute chat in an attempt to promote understanding and break down stereotypes." How chic!

Simon & Schuster has filed lawsuits against rappers Lil Kim and Foxy Brown over books that they were supposed to write, but never did. Simon & Schuster gave Lil Kim $40,000 in 2003 for a novel that was to be finished the following year, while Brown was paid $75,000 in 2005 to pen her autobiography. (Wait, Foxy Brown got paid more than Lil Kim? Simon & Schuster might want to glace at the Billboard charts every now and again.)