Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Notable Comics Links

PopCultureShock provides a 2008 Midterm Report Card (Or, The Best Manga of the First Half of 2008).

More Watchmen film tid-bits: A photo of the 1940's Minutemen, and a Vargas-style painting of Carla Gugino as the Silk Spectre.

Buy the single issues or wait for the trade? And what about those comics where you can't wait for the trade, but know you're going to end up buying it when it comes out anyway? ComicsComics argues for the floppy, The ADD Blog takes the trade's side. (Shout-outs to Gilbert Hernandez' recently completed Speak of the Devil mini-series, the book that provoked this back-and-forth.)

Comicon 2008 is being this week in San Diego, and for those of us too poor to go, the online updates are a-plenty. Here are just a sampling of links:
Got Cheeks
Comics Reporter
Drawn & Quarterly
Entertainment Earth Daily