Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Power Of Teen-Lit -- Explained!

An excerpt from Full Frontal Snogging and Other Stories
Originally written by Alice Wignall for The Guardian UK, 7/29/08

The truth is that you never love books the way you do as a young reader. My generation consumed with fanatical zeal the works of Judy Blume and Paula Danziger and the far less wholesome American series, Sweet Valley High. And contemporary teenagers are just as likely to be found with their heads stuck in a book. Hannah Rutland, project manager at the reading charity Booktrust, says: "Teenage girls do get obsessed with things, including books." Becky Stradwick, head of children's books at Borders UK, agrees. "It's like bands," she says. "There are crazes. They suddenly fall in love with an author and are consumed by a need to have everything they've ever produced."

Canny authors are on to this and a high number of "young adult" books are series. The fourth in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, an American who writes about teenage vampires, is out in August and anticipation is running high. As Blume points out, young readers will read their favourite books again and again. And she knows that the connection forged at that age between book and reader will last for years. "They remember where they where, physically and emotionally, when they first read these books. They have a strong attachment to the characters. And now they want to share these books with their kids."

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