Friday, August 1, 2008

Breaking Dawn, On Sale Tonight At Midnight!

Attention all you frustrated housewives, Hot Topic shopping teens, and romantically delusional tweens! The Inkwell Bookstore will be selling copies of Breaking Dawn tonight at midnight -- with a 20% discount to boot. But that's not all. We'll also have food, drinks, costume contests, trivia contests, a special screening of the anime Vampire Knight (not yet released in the US!), and a surly staff unaccustomed to working such late hours! Yes, this is either going to be a raging success (the likes of which has not been seen since that last Harry Potter book was released...a year ago!) or a fall-flat-on-our-faces example of misplaced hopes and hubris for the book industry as a whole.

Please, come join us to find out which!

Note: E-book readers will have to wait an extra day for their digital copies of Breaking Dawn. They ain't coming out 'til 12:01 EST on Sunday, August 3. But seriously (heartless insult alert!), few things are less sexy than an e-book, and you wanna-be vampires are all about the sexy, no?