Monday, September 1, 2008

Book News, In Brief

Michael Phelps just won eight gold medals and Coca-countless endorsement McDeals. Does he really need $1.6 for his ghost written memoirs?

The New Zealand Herald has this advice for self-publishers: Eff a paperback, print your work in a three ring binder. Their reasoning? The chances of you making a living off of your print-on-demand work is next to nil. But the odds of you being able to make some money in the lectures and consulting fields? Slightly better.

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Internet leak spares millions the drudgery of reading another Twilight novel...for now. From the Stephenie Meyer, the author of a popular teen vampire series of books, says she has temporarily ditched the final episode of her series after an incomplete draft was leaked on the internet. The last book was to retell the story of the first installment of her series, Twilight, from the point of view of Edward Cullen, the main love interest of the human teen Bella Swan.

Speaking of, I mean tie-ins: Bloomsbury, the British publishers of the Harry Potter books, can't wait for December 4th. What's the significance of 12/4/8, you ask? Well, that's when Rowling's first series spin-off, Tales of Beetle the Bard will be released to the non-millionaires of the world. It seems that after selling millions and millions of copies of the first seven Potter books (and pocketing billions and billions in profits), Bloomsbury's feeling a little light in the pockets. I guess Biggie was right: Mo' money, mo' problems.