Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Book News, In Brief

I thought that bookstores and colleges were supposed to be hotbeds of sexual expression and exploration. So how is it that the Boise State College Bookstore has been tied into a scandal involving...condom coupons? From The Arbiter Online: After multiple complaints from students, parents and faculty, condom coupons were removed from the coupon booklet handed out to students entering The Boise State Bookstore. The coupon was for 20 percent off any purchase of $5 or more at The Ozone condom shop located on Broadway Avenue.

A bibliokleptomaniac is like a shoplifter on steroids...chewing a power bar...and sipping an energy drink. From Chronogram Magazine: If you have any resemblance to bibliokleptomaniac Stephen Blumberg, you have an intense love for books. Blumberg’s obsession led him to multiple arrests in the 1980s and early ’90s for his theft of over 20,000 rare books from over 140 universities in 45 states and Canada, and to custom-build 86 bookshelves that extended over windows and into the backs of closets to house his collection.

Remember that Twilight prequel we told you about yesterday? The one where Stephanie Meyer changes the p.o.v. from Bella's to Edward's and calls it a new book? Well, we read some of it today, comparing it to the first book in the best selling series. Rough estimate: At least a third of the book is exactly the same. The dialogue is a carbon copy, and even some of the descriptive passages remain unchanged! This was some lazy, money-grabbing, almost-a-scam sh*t Meyer was going to pull here, so let's hope (for her sake) that its leak to the internet will cause Meyer to do a major re-think. Moroni knows she lost enough fans with Breaking Dawn. This book would've only lost her more.